Your support for Bar Zero is crucial to create a vibrant community space for the people who live in the Boro and for the many visitors to Teesside.

You can do this in a number of ways; Come and have a Coffee with us, join us on our many events, bring your friends and family. Add us to your social media. Volunteer with us.

Donate: As a Social Enterprise all the profits we make go back into the local community to promote the assets of local people,

In gaining better life opportunities.

Two of the founding Charities behind the development of Bar Zero are;

Or if you have the time and resources, support us on our Bar Zero build    development journey.

Two such people are Chloe and Karen studying at Teesside University       interior design and architecture. And they have come up with the concept design to revamp a disused store room into a fantastic function room.

Concept Synopsis

Theme – Masquerade Ball
We intend to transform the store room of Bar Zero into a multipurpose events room. The design will express the idea of a masquerade ball creating an elegant and mystical experience for its guests.

We aim to provide a design which the guests can interact and have fun with.
We will portray our theme by selecting materials and furnishings with a grand and sophisticated stature. The room will be suitable for a ranged     audience and varied events: parties, conferences and events of celebration.
The guests will immediately feel the wow when entering in a celebrity fashion on Hollywood walkway, then to be greeted by the mirrored ceiling and crystal chandeliers glittering the light around the space.

The design will be based on a neutral pallet of silver, black, white and grey, featuring and revealing elements of colour in selected areas, and its accessories.

The room will contain a mix of seating and table arrangements with a central banquet table.

There will be a raised platform for entertainment and speeches, the design will include sound system and projection technology.

Overall the design will be a show stopping experience without the need for alcohol to enjoy the time spent. Its glamour and sophistication bring a      multifunctional purpose which people will be sure to revisit.

Follow the journey……….. let the masquerade begin!

What we need now is the sponsors and community spirited donors to turn the concept into reality.

Could that be you?

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